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I am Lisa.

Creative entrepreneur and illustrator with a love for tattoos.  

Here you can find out more about my background:  

I started with an apprenticeship as a draftsman (I had the most fun writing on the construction plans).

  After graduating, I switched to occupational therapy, learned a lot about fine and writing motor skills here, and in 2008 supplemented my occupational therapy training with an extra-occupational postgraduate course to become a qualified occupational therapist.  


With all this knowledge, I started my own educational project "Heroes' Workshop" at a Kreuzberg elementary school in Berlin in 2012.  In the "Heroes' Workshop" , I and my team still train superpowers (writing and gross motor skills) to this day.  of children in the school entry phase to make it easier for them to start school and increase their educational opportunities.  At the same time I started Public Policy (Focus on Social Entrepreneurship)  to study at the Humboldt Viadrina School of Governance in order to further professionalize the educational project. Here I also got to know and love sketchnotes and visualization techniques and me  began to draw pictures and use different fonts again. My master's thesis dealt with the connection between the cultural technique of writing and educational opportunities.   

Looking back, all these jobs and degrees have brought me to what I am passionate about: creative work, illustration and a love of letters.

In the last few years I have, among other things, one  Designed online course for visual notes & founded the temporary tattoo label " Temporary Circus " . Since 2012 I have been giving creative workshops for children & adults and workshops for creative project finding and planning for therapists. 2017 came  Courses for hand lettering , in which I have already been able to get many people interested in lettering in workshops and at events .

In 2015, I designed and built the shop project " einLaden " with a team. The temporary tattoos were added in 2019 and since then I have been creating illustrations on different topics that can be worn as temporary tattoos. In the meantime, I also work with companies and design tattoos for events and draw on the skin live on location.  I have been working independently with my own creative agency since 2021 and am looking forward to all future projects.

Maybe you're looking for someone like me to help you with your project  / to realize your event idea / temporary tattoos!

Can you imagine working with me?

Write me - I'm looking forward to it!  

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