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Studio Vasvari

Collage Workshop mit Jorge Chamorro

Ganztages Workshop "Learning Collage" mit Jorge Chamorro

Collage Workshop mit Jorge Chamorro
Collage Workshop mit Jorge Chamorro

Saat ve Yer

23 Eyl 2023 11:00 – 19:00

Studio Vasvari , Anzengruberstraße 12, 12043 Berlin, Deutschland

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Max Ernst defined collage as “the systematic exploitation of the accidentally or artificially provoked encounter of two or more foreign realities on a seemingly incongruous level – and the spark of poetry that leaps across the gap as these two realities are brought together.”That spark of poetry is, ultimately, what we want to explore in this workshop.


We will begin with a review of the history of collage, from the avant garde movements to the collage scene nowadays, ending in Germany and Berlin. We will understand better the importance of collage in the art movements of the XX Century, we will analyse the different perspectives of the collage language and we will achieve lots of references.After that, the rest of the workshop will be dedicated to make collages from diverse assumptions, exploring different ways of creating and expressing. We will make collective analysis of the works, we will be in a constant dialogue about concept, composition, contrast, color, texture...

The main thing is to have fun, to learn, to create a space for knowledge, exchange and debate.This is a workshop to dive deep into de world of collage.


Everyone interested in collage, art, visual communication. To beginners and to established artists. The more variety we have the more we will all learn.


100 Euro 


Send an email to:


Vía Paypal / Banktransfer

Inscriptions and payments must be done before September 20th




Scissors, cutters and glue will be provided, but the attendants must bring magazines, books, photos...


The workshop is open to participants aged 14 and above.


Jorge Chamorro (Madrid, 1972) is an independent graphic designer, collage artist and teacher, living and working between Berlin and Madrid.After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad Complutense in Madrid in 1995, Jorge worked as a graphic designer for ten years in studios and agencies, until he became a freelancer in 2005. He discovered collage in 2006. In 2010 Jorge started to teach graphic design and collage. He is currently a lecturer at UDIT University of Design and Technology.

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